“I’m always willing to listen to somebody else’s ideas…because we can always learn more

Sailor Jerry Collins

I have been tattooing since 2006. As a little boy I was constantly drawing and making things, but the craft of tattoing has always fascinated me. I created my first tattoo on myself in the fifth grade of primary school,  since then many years have passed. I am a guest artist in many tattoo studios around the world. I (have) opened two studios in Prague by myself. My work is a combination of art and history that I transfer to your skin.


I make bookings for half-day or full-day sessions in order to be able to fulfil every client’s expectations. Weekend bookings are possible by arrangement via email or phone call. Previously, I used to have bookings for almost two years in advance which wasn’t practical for both me and my clients. Currently I am taking bookings for only one month at the time.

For larger designs such as the entire back, sleeves etc., you will need to book a full-day session. We will spend half the day preparing the design and other half beginning the tattoo process. Half-day sessions are suitable for smaller designs where the preparation takes about an hour and the remaining time is dedicated to the tattooing.

With my work as a tattoo artist I offer my time, experience and my skills. Therefore I have my own price. The designs themselves, the preparation of colours, sketches and other activities around take a lot of time and tattooing is a combination of all of this.

Beeing a tattoo artist is more than job for me. It’s my lifestyle! Unfortunately not every artist feel it the same way. That’s why after 10 years of having a business with multiple tattoo artists I have decided to work on my own. Working on my own I was missing the opportunity of passing the tattoo craft, my skills and experience to tattoo artists. Therefore I organize seminars and courses for talents from our field where you can find seminars/courses for beginners, advanced tattoo artist and also individual training. Here are the dates until June 2022. If you are interested to participate in one of my seminar/course contact me via email and as a subject use SEMINAR. The best way how to get all your answers is in person. Capacity is always limited as I want to have enough time for each of you. Let me show you tricks I have collected in 16 years of tattooing.



Na mém eshopu (který bude v provozu koncem ledna roku 2024) si můžete vybrat seminář nebo školení, které je pro vás nejvhodnější. Do té doby jediná možnost, jak se přihlásit na seminář, je kontaktovat mě na sociálních sítích, nebo přes email: lukas@lukaspolacek.art.




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